At S&A Coffee, we supply coffee to coffeeshops, coffee stalls, cafes, businesses and institutions.

Our coffee beans are specially selected and roasted according to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Our gourmet coffee is also available in straights or blends. Choose from our various combinations of Arabica and Robusta coffees to make your coffee an unforgetable experience for your customers.

  • Premium QualityCoffee Products
  • Premium QualityCoffee Products
  • Premium QualityCoffee Products


  • Traditional Singapore Coffee

    Singapore’s traditional coffee is unique to the region of Nanyang. It’s a combination of freshly roasted coffee beans and caramelized sugar, with a coat of butter or margarine at the end of the roasting process. This style of roasting gives an enduring taste and flavour well loved by many Singaporeans.

  • Gourmet Coffee

    Roasted from high-quality green coffee beans. Our gourmet coffees are available in straights and blends that will satisfy consumer demand for variety and freshness.