Main Features

* Digital Control Panel. * Professional Saeco Cappuccnatore (Patented Design) * Dispenses two coffee cups at the same. * Adjustable height coffee dispenser. * Pre-ground coffee option. * Hot water / Steam spout. * Standard supply of two independent boilers. * Built-in adjustable coffee grinder. * Upper cup-warming deck plate. * Removable brew group, water tank and grounds drawer for easy maintenance.


  • Dimensions H395 x W390 x D455mm
  • Weight 15KG
  • Power Supply 230V/50Hz
  • Power Consumption 2300W
  • Boiler Two independent stainless steel boilers
  • Water Supply Independent 2.4L water tank
  • Coffee beans container 300gm capacity
  • Pump pressure 15 bar

Adesso Espresso Mini

The Adesso Mini Capsule Espresso Machine is a modern, compact and fuss-free capsule espresso brewer – providing consistent dispensing temperature and pressure for the perfect espresso shot.

Excellent for making your favorite coffee beverages. Comes with height adjustable cup tray and internal bin for 12 expended capsules.


  • Voltage: V. 230/ 50 Hz
    Heating element: 1200W
    Vibration pump Ulka EP4,
    max. pressure 19 bar.
    Reservoir capacity: 1 Liter
    High or low grid position
    according to the cup size.

  • The collection drawer can hold up
    to 12 used capsules.
    Net weight: 4 kg / Gross weight: 4,8 Kg
    Measure box: 35,7 x 21,6 cm, h 31 cm
    Color: white / black


Adesso Cappucino Milk Frother

The Adesso Cappuccino Automatic Milk Frother is the perfect modern companion for the Adesso Mini Capsule Espresso Machine. Make smooth frothed milk from a selection of 2 preset heating temperatures, including a selection for frothing cold milk – perfect for a luxurious cappucinno or latte.

One-touch operation makes for easy frothing. Magnetic stirrer enables milk container to be fully immersed for easy washing. Suitable for soy milk.


Milk foam in a few seconds
Electronic with 3 functions : Cold, warm, hot
Automatic switch off
Simple use and cleaning

Electricity Range: 230-240V~ 50 Hz
Power: 600-650W
Heating element: flat heating disc
Capacity: 100-250 ml cold milk
Main wire: 0.75 metres
Net weight: 1 kg / Gross weight: 1.2 Kg
Size: 120 long, 170 width, 180 height mm