Tea, is a very popular beverage commonly prepared by brewing the leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, with hot or boiling water.

The leaves harvested from the tea plant go through a manufacturing process with varying levels of oxidation or fermentation. These different levels of oxidation or fermentation to the leaves can produce many different varieties of tea.

  • Premium Quality Tea Products
  • Premium Quality Tea Products
  • Premium Quality Tea Products


  • Traditional Blend Tea / Estate Tea

    Our blend of high quality tea provides a unique aroma, character and flavour, well suited for favourite hot drinks like milk teas, teh tarik and iced teas.

    Tin Size : 10kg or 5kg

    Other Teas Available :
    Ceylon TeaIndonesian Tea
    Kenya Tea
    India Tea

  • Lipton Traditional Blend Tea

    A highly acclaimed international brand known for its fine and consistent quality tea.

    With years of research and strictest quality control, Lipton presents to you the tea leaves in their freshest possible state – “ Direct from the tea gardens to your teapot”.

    Lipton Traditional Blend Tea, is a quality blend that consistently delivers strength and a flavour that’s light and refreshing.

    Recommended for : milk tea and iced lemon tea.
    Packing Size : 10kg or 5kg tin

  • Chinese Tea

    Chinese tea is a beverage made from tea leaves boiled with water. It can be drunk throughout the day, at meal times or as a substitute for plain water.

    The process of oxidation or fermentation can determine the character, flavour and colour of Chinese tea.

    Two or more further infusions can be obtained by straining and adding more hot water.

    Iron Buddha, Oolong and Jasmine Tea are popular varieties now available in tea bags.

    Box: 100 x 2g

  • Lipton Tea Dust

    Lipton Tea Dust, is a quality blend that consistently delivers strength and flavour.

    Recommended for : milk tea.
    Pack Size : 2kg x 5packs